As product of sometimes lengthy, challenging and valuable work, academic and scientific translations require significant thought and attention to detail. If we didn’t attach the same importance and care during the process of translation, it may have detrimental effect on the hard work before.

At Turkish Translators we understand the concerns you may have while entrusting the translation of your academic and scientific works to us and we delegate this challenging task to translators with degrees from reputable universities and with relevant backgrounds. We encourage them to work collaboratively with you on particular nuances to ensure the meaning isn’t lost in translation.

We are proud to be able to call upon a large number of skilled academic translators who take pride in ensuring the quality of the original work is conveyed in the translation. Talk to us about your project and translation needs.

Academic and scientific translation services:

• Graduate post-graduate thesis and doctoral dissertations

• Scientific researches articles and reports

• International peer-reviewed journals

• Translation of essays projects and presentations

• Translations of various documents such as diplomas, academic records, certificates of equivalence, letters of recommendation, exam result certificates, etc.