Notarised Translation

Notarised translation involves the translation of official documents by certified sworn translators and approval of the translated text by the notary public that certified the translator. The requirement of notarisation is determined by the recipient authority.

Turkish Translators offer notarised translation services in all official languages.

Documents Required for Notarisation:

Documents must be presented by the sworn translator together with the original document for the notarisation of the translated documents. The document is approved after the notary public checks the document.

You can contact us for detailed information from our project coordinator on notarised translation services.

Apostille Certified Translation

Even though document translations seem to be straightforward they require attention as they usually consist of texts used in official transactions. A small mistake in the translations of such documents could result in potential serious and costly consequences, therefore we know, it is critical our translators pay attention to the detail and ensure the translation reflect all details clearly.

Turkish Translators, offers quality, complete and correct translation services for all your documents such as Apostille Annotation or Ratification Translation by means of expert, experienced and sworn/certified translators. Furthermore, we deliver the translation of your document to you as soon as possible while ensuring a high degree of confidentially and security where required.

Legal Translation

Even natives struggle to understand the terms used in legal documents and the purpose of such documents by their nature important, therefore they bring certain challenges and responsibilities. At Turkish Translators, we are the most reliable solution partner for your legal translation needs with our qualified translators.

If you have an ongoing requirement, talk to us about setting up a dedicated inbox or encrypted server to exchange your legal documents.

Legal Translation Services:

Administrative specifications translation
Bill of indictment translation
Court document translations
Declaration translations
EU legal acquis translation
Foreign and local legislation translation
Foreign court decree translations

Fulfilment documents translation
Law and regulation translation
Lawsuit file translation
Lawsuit petition translation
Letter of attorney translations
Patent application translations

Rental contract translation
Signature specimen translations
Taxation and customs records translations
Transaction documents
Translation of agreements and treaties
Witness and defendant statement translation