Translation of Literary Works

Translation of literary works is often one of the most challenging task requiring real understanding and focus. Translating poems, stories, novels, plays and articles can often be destroyed if nuances or local meanings are mashed or verbatim translated. Literary works should be assigned to translators who are fluent in the intended language and we ask you to work 1-2-1 with the translator to hone and really understand the intended meaning. 

Having good level of knowledge in both languages is not enough for the success in translation of literary works. Translators must have extensive knowledge about the traditions, customs, religious beliefs, culture and sayings of both language so they can be reflected accurately to the readers.

As we read works translated from other languages, we sometimes find strange sentences, meaning or style differences. Sometimes we see translations that weaken the original style of the source text and this can ruin the reading experience or intended meaning – of course we want to avoid this and like to work in partnership on these types of project.

In addition, if necessary to ensure accuracy we can have work further proof read by an expert in a particular field who isn’t necessarily a translator but can ensure nuances are not lost.