Maritime / Logistics

Maritime Translation

We have access to qualified translators with extensive experience in maritime and transportation sectors for your translation needs. In a globalised world and if you trade with other countries, reliable and accurate translations of details related to cargo, shipping, air freight etc is critical.

We are able to use translators with academic degrees in engineering and other disciplines who have in depth knowledge of the relevant literature and so can maintain the contextual integrity and ensure accuracy for all these typical maritime / aviation translations:

• Analysis certificates
• Analysis reports
• ATA Carnet ATR documents
• Books
• CE certificates
• Certificates on ingredients
• E-magazines
• Customs declarations
• Customs documents

• Distribution and Sales Licences
• Documents related with mechanical electrical-electronic systems used for communication
• Export declaration approvals
• Guidelines
• Invoices
• ISO certificates
• Journals
• Leaflets

• Magazines booklets
• Manuals of communication equipment

• Maritime magazines
• News bulletins
• Official documents
• Packaging lists
• Registration certificates & licences technical
• Surveillance documents
• Survey reports

If you need routine translations, talk to us about setting up a dedicated inbox / secure folder to send and receive your urgent documents.