Proofreading Service

Turkish Translators proofreading service includes checks and corrections of grammar and wording errors in translated documents.

Proofreading is the process of checking errors, mispelt words and mistakes in a translated document. It is usually confused with editing, however proofreading involves extensive corrections and focuses on punctuation misspelling and grammar errors rather than adapting the work.

Proofreading is the final process completed before the delivery of a document, article or book. In addition, we offer professional support for editing books, booklets, articles, interviews, magazines and literary works, making them ready for publishing.. We also offer proofreading of website contents and advertising texts.

Proofreading is obviously important as grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes reflect poorly on the output and can reflect poorly on you.

We are also able to support you proofreading  legal agreements, specifications and other documents that are legally binding, particularly for companies working actively with the foreign companies. We can also support you having any agreements assessed by a local lawyer with relevant experience and qualifications if required.

We provide services for checking misspellings and editing, enhancing the expression styles and text and maintaining contextual integrity and consistency and finally editing and preparing for presentation.

Our qualified proof-readers perform checks by referencing the source text and creating the revised text when errors are spotted. We offer proofreading services in many languages including Turkish English French, Spanish, German, Ottoman, Cantonese, Korean, Tagalog and Russian.  Please contact us for your proofreading project and we can advise what is possible.