Publishing Audio Visual & Web

Brochures catalogues leaflets

Like all translation, it is important these are localised and reflect local language and cultural norms. As well as ensuring your business or product brochures are carefully translated, we can locally photograph to add that real touch of personalisation.   If that’s not practical or outside your budget we can have pictures edited to adapt eg, changing the langue on posters or boards in photographs.  Even better, we can arrange for it to be printed and distributed locally.

Website translation

We can take your foreign language website and recreate for you entirely in other language either as a new web address (where available) or as link / sub-section of your own.

As ever, localisation is critical and we can ensure not only the language is right but product photography is updated to show the product / service in the target market.

Videos case studies

If you have promotional videos demonstration films or case studies we can take your original and have either dubbed in foreign language with local speakers or have it completely recorded with local people and places.

Contact us to discuss how we can add even more value to your translation project.