Transcription Translation

We support a number of transcription types:

Dictaphone Transcription

Often used for medical and legal work, audio notes recorded on specialist Dictaphones or smartphone apps are downloaded typically to secure folders. Translators then listen to the recordings using specialist machines, usually going through a number of iterations and then proofing.

Depending on the subject specialist knowledge is likely to be required and the transcription will need medical, legal or other subject experience. It may also require the input of a specialist who isn’t a translator but an expert in the subject to ensure the meaning and nuances are not lost. We can supply the transcript both in the original language and the target language.

Presentation and teleconferences

Often business conversations, presentations and teleconferences are recorded for later reference. If your business needs these translated we can provide translated transcripts. Talk to us about setting up a dedicated secure folder or inbox for your regular transcription projects.

Films, video case studies and subtitling

We support transcription of full feature films, short documentaries, advertisements and product case studies. We can provide transcripts and or add subtitling to your media. In addition, if necessary we can have it localised and recorded to the local market if required. Talk to us about your particular transcription project.